jeudi 23 octobre 2014

Novartis : Print Fight for Life

At Novartis, we believe there’s nothing more extraordinary than a normal life. We all take normal for granted until it’s taken away from us, through illness or disease, and then all we want is to get it back.

We see all diseases, illnesses and conditions as equal enemies. We go after conditions that haven’t been targeted before, because we see time and again that only through the study of the unknown does our ability to cure advance. Just as important to us is the fight against even the most minor of ailments; the smallest things that have an impact on everyday life.

We invest in the fight for life. We strive to put as many of our resources as possible into tackling some of humanity’s most difficult problems. We will never give up in the quest for treatments and cures, however long this takes, because we understand that we will often need to fail before we can succeed. And we will use every technology at our disposal — from the human genome to molecular diagnostics — to ensure we will prevail in the end. Our greatest purpose in life is to inspire the hope for a healthy life for all.

In this video, you’ll see some of the reasons why we are inspired by the sense of the complexity we find when we survey the human body, the awe that we feel as we explore its frontiers, and the empathy we feel for every person who needs our help. We never forget that we have all been patients too, and many of us will be again. It is our conviction that a normal life, in whatever form it takes, is an extraordinary one. Our belief is that everybody on this fragile planet deserves to live a normal life, and we do everything in our power to ensure that they do.

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