samedi 23 novembre 2013

Plongez dans l'ordinateur et attrapez un pixel.

Plongez dans l'ordinateur 
et attrapez un pixel. 
Translated into French by Lisa Le Boulaire Reviewed by Alix Inwonderland Filmed Feb 2013 • Posted Jul 2013 • TED2013 La frontière entre notre monde physique et le monde numérique qui nous entoure est devenue de plus en plus mince. Le designer et ingénieur Jinha Lee tente de la dissoudre totalement. Parmi les prototypes qu'il nous dévoile dans cette courte et saisissante présentation, on découvre entre autre un stylo qui pénètre dans un écran pour dessiner en 3D, et un prototype d'ordinateur qui vous permet de traverser l'écran pour manipuler des objets numériques.
Jinha Lee works at the boundary of the physical and digital world. The TED Fellow, designer and engineer is exploring ways to weave digital information into physical space.Jinha Lee on the Web Website: Jinha Lee / Vimeo: Jinha Lee / Twitter: @jinha_media Jinha Lee is an interface designer, engineer, and researcher working at the boundary of the physical and digital world. A 2013 TED Fellow, he is exploring ways to harness humans' innate kinesthetic and sensory skills to impact the way we interact with the world of digital data. Jinha is currently on leave from his Ph.D. studies at MIT Media Lab and is leading a team to design TV interfaces at Samsung Electronics in lieu of his national military duty. His recent inventions include the SpaceTop gesture-controlled 3D desktop OS, a levitating tangible interface , and a pen that penetrates into the screen.Previously, Jinha co-founded eone-timepieces, a tactile watch brand for "everyone," including the visually impaired, and conducted research at Sony Computer Science Lab (CSL) and Microsoft Applied Sciences. He received his B.E. in Electronic Engineering from the University of Tokyo. His works have been presented and exhibited at academic conferences and museums, and have received recognition from design and innovation awards. Email to a friend

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